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Free Wi-Fi Calling on all our plans

In an area with no cell service? Call, text and extend your coverage with Wi-Fi Calling.

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What is wi-fi calling?

Wi-Fi Calling lets you talk or text over Wi-Fi, no extra log-ins or phone numbers required – it’s super handy when your signal's playing hard to get.

Why use wi-Fi calling?

Extended coverage

When a weak signal prevents you from calling or texting, enabling Wi-Fi Calling is there to save the day.

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With Wi-Fi Calling, you can use your service without the hassle of additional log-ins, new numbers or extra apps.

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No international roaming charges

Wi-Fi Calling allows you to call and text abroad without using up international roaming.

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See if your phone supports Wi-Fi Calling

Enter your phone's IMEI number below to check compatiblity.

Find your IMEI Number

Enter *#06# on your phone's dial pad.

Some carriers don't allow you to access (Verizon)


Check in the settings:

For Android:
Go to Settings > About device > Status

For iPhone:
Go to Settings > General > About

How Wi-Fi Calling works

Save on data and start calling over Wi-Fi in a few simple steps.

Go to settings

In your settings, select Cellular (iPhone) or Connections (Android).


Select and enable Wi-Fi Calling.

Add more info

Enter your emergency address if prompted.


You’re all set to start calling and texting for free over Wi-Fi.

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